The Amazing “No Rot” Garden Board


Sept 2018 – This board is Out of Stock & No Longer Available.

Use the GP24 – 2.4m fence post as an alternative.


The primary use for a “No Rot” Garden Board is to raise the panel off the ground helping to protect the timber from damage prematurely caused by moisture ingress.

If the fence was to come into contact with the ground for a prolonged period, moisture would penetrate the surface and cause the timber to rot and decay over time. “No Rot” Garden Board are especially important if you have a flower bed in front of the fence or if your garden is in a particularly shaded or damp area, such as on the edge of woodland.

The “No Rot” Garden Board is a lower cost product when compared to the rest of the fencing materials and is easily replaced.


Using a Concrete Garden Board


Concrete Garden Boards are normally used in conjunction with concrete fence posts and, unlike timber, cannot rot and decay.

The 2.4m length is strongest for soil retention. Either use alone with concrete fence posts or stack beneath fencing where you need to find a long lasting and strong solution to ground level problems and difficult fencing locations.


Garden Boards are not just functional


“No Rot” Garden Boards are also great for making the bottom of the fence look neater, concealing any unsightly gaps between the bottom of the fence boards and the ground. If aggregate is used in your garden design, they can prevent any of the materials you may be using from making its way into your neighbours garden.

When you choose “No Rot” Garden Boards, you can be confident that it will increase the lifespan of your garden fencing for far longer than if you omitted them from your build.

It’s also important to remember that the use of “No Rot” Garden boards will mean that you need a shorter choice of fence panel.

Need more photos and how to use the No Rot Garden Board in your garden beds, retaining walls and fence plinths? Call us for more information.



  • CODE: GB24
  • DIMENSIONS: 2400 X 150 X 50mm
  • WEIGHT: 40kg each
  • PRESTRESSED: 2 High Tensile 5.05mm strands tensioned
The "No Rot" Garden Board for long lasting garden edges and plinth boards for fences.