At Last, A Garden Fence Post that Will Not Rot or be Eaten by Ants!

  • They look great!
  • They’re affordable!
  • They’ll outlast your neighbors’ fence
  • Plus super easy to use and install!
Long Lasting Concrete Fence Posts for your house and garden that will not rot or burn and will not be eaten by termites.
Welcome to the revolution in home and garden fencing. The “No Rot” prestressed concrete fence post will not rot or be eaten by termites. They will not rust or burn. These fence posts will last the life of your house!
A fence built using concrete fence posts become a long term asset to your property and will save you time and money. Four standard length posts are suitable for any commercial, residential, pool and landscaping and neighbourhood fencing project. A great long term solution when replacing old rotted timber or rusty steel fence, or when you build a new fence. Fence your home and garden once in your lifetime with the “No-Rot” Concrete Fence Post! An Australian made and guaranteed Concrete Garden Fence Posts and Bracket system.
Consider pre-stressed concrete fence posts for your home and garden. Fence it once-and-for-all with the “No Rot” Fence Post!
  • The integrity of the post will not deteriorate under moist or dry conditions.
  • Strong and driveable using standard post driver.
  • Great for organic gardens. They will not seep harmful chemicals into your soils.
  • Easy to attach timber, metal or rail to the posts ?using our collar brackets.
  • And quick to assemble and bolt together securely.
  • Posts are all uniform in size with premade holes.
  • Replace old rotting timber or rusty steel fence posts easily and quickly.
Concrete Fence Post with collar bracket to easily attach to metal or timber palings.

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